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It's my journal, bitch!


5 August 1987
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This is the journal of the lady who will one day marry Sky Mangel aka Stephanie Mcintosh or maybe Lily Allen. They = luff.


Sky & Lily's wife

Went to Japan to study... must go back!!!
Love tacky TV!
Hate bad manners!
aly and a.j., anime, ashlee simpson, avril lavigne, baby pink, barbies, beads, big brother, blondes, blue hair, books, boots, bracelets, brunettes, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, cakes, canada, candy, cats, celebrities, celebrity, chobits, chocolate sauce, clothes, costumes, crafting, crafts, creativity, cuddly toys, cupcakes, customisation, customised clothes, dead set, decora, diet coke, dinosaurs, disney, dita von teese, diy, dollfie, drawing, dressing up, ebay, emo, eurovision, eurovision song contest, facebook, fancy dress, fashion, fifth element, films, fimo, flowers, french, frilly dresses, girls next door, girly stuff, guitar, halloween, hannah montana, harry potter, harvest moon, heatherette, hello kitty, hilary duff, hoodies, hot pink, icecream, inbetweeners, ipod, jaffa cakes, jewellery, jewelry, jurassic park, katy perry, kids, kittens, languages, lolita, makeup, miley cyrus, milla jovovich, movies, mtv, music, my little pony, necklaces, nicola roberts, nicole richie, nintendo ds, penpals, piano, pink, pink hair, playboy, post secret, punk, rainbows, rats, red hair, resident evil movies, ribbons, rings, ruffles, sailor moon, sapporo, saxophone, scene, sewing, shelly, shrinkle, sim city, simple life, skirts, sky mangel, snark, songwriting, spongebob squarepants, stars, stephanie mcintosh, stephen king, sunshine, sweets, t.a.t.u, tacky tv, tatu, the powerpuff girls, the sims, theme parks, thrifting, tila tequila, twilight, vin diesel, vodka, wigs, wotsits, xbox, zombie films, zombies